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Note: This Treaty may be impacted by the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent BEPS (MLI). MLI impact on Tax Treaties is available with the Orbitax International Tax Research & Compliance Expert.


Mutual Agreement Procedure

(1) Where difficulties or doubts arise between the Contracting Parties regarding the implementation or interpretation of the Agreement, the competent authorities shall endeavour to resolve the matter by mutual agreement.

(2) In addition to the agreements referred to in paragraph (1), the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties may mutually agree on the procedures to be used under Articles 5, 6 and 9.

(3) The competent authorities of the Contracting Parties may communicate with each other directly for purposes of reaching agreement under this Article.

(4) The Contracting Parties shall agree on procedures for dispute resolution should this become necessary.