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8.2.1. Corporate/Profit Taxes

A non-resident entity having a PE in Guyana is subject to tax on income earned by such permanent establishment (‘PE’) in Guyana. The tax is levied at the same rate as for resident companies at 25% (reduced from 27.5% effective from 1 January 2019) and at 40% for commercial companies.

Advance corporate tax at the rate of 10% is deducted by the payer from gross fees paid to non-resident companies engaged in a business or trade in Guyana. The advance CIT deducted is allowed to be adjusted against the final tax liability of the non-resident company.

Guyana sourced income earned by non-residents not having a PE in Guyana, is subject to withholding tax in the country, which is the final tax on such income (See sec. 8.2.3 below).