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8.1.1. Corporate Income Tax

The standard corporate income tax rate is 20%. Capital gains are assessed to tax as ordinary business income.


Dividends and capital gains may qualify for a full or partial participation exemption (see Sec. 5.1.).

Tonnage Tax

Tonnage tax applies as an election in lieu of ordinary corporate tax to resident companies or non-resident companies having a permanent establishment in Finland. It is levied on companies that are engaged in the international maritime transport facilities, temporary leasing of vessels, or other closely related activities. The taxation of a company subject to tonnage is regulated by the Tonnage Tax Act. An updated guide is published that describes tonnage taxation in accordance with the Tonnage Tax Act.

Tonnage tax is calculated based on the net tonnage of the vessel. The rates are as follows:

Net tonnage Rates (in EUR per gross tonnage)
100-1,000 EUR 0.9
1,001-10,000 EUR 0.7
10,001-25,000 EUR 0.5
Above 25,000 EUR 0.2

Companies meeting the requirements of the Tonnage Tax Act can opt to pay the tonnage tax instead of the corporate income tax. However, if a company opts to be taxed under the tonnage tax regime, it is required to commit to the regime for a period of 10 years.

Certain investment funds are exempt from corporate tax, subject to certain conditions (see Sec.10.).

Alternative Minimum Tax

There is no minimum tax in Finland.