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2.1. Main Formation Requirements

The establishment of the company types outlined in Sec. 1. involves a number of steps and require registration/approval with multiple government agencies. The following outlines the basic requirements for establishment:

  • Reserve the company name with the Commercial Registry and Obtain the Certificate of Non-Confusion
  • Establish account and obtain a bank certificate from an authorized bank
  • Submit registration documents with the Department of Companies
  • Notarize the company's contract
  • Obtain the certificate of incorporation
  • Complete tax registration with the tax authorities and obtain company tax card
  • Open a company file and register employees with the National Authority of Social Insurance

Additional Steps for certain entity types:

Joint Stock Company

  • For a JSC, the company's articles of association and statutes must be published in the relevant Companies Gazette.

Branch office

  • For a branch office, approval must be acquired from Egypt's General Authority for Investment (GAFI)
  • The branch must be registered with the Commercial Registration Department and in the centralized Register of Foreign Companies maintained with the Companies Department of GAFI