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Germany — Orbitax Country Chapters
2.1. Main Formation Requirements

The establishment of a company in Germany involves several steps. The process includes:

  • Check the uniqueness of the company name at the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce,
  • Notarize the company’s articles of association
  • Open a bank account to deposit the minimum share capital
  • Submit the following documents to the Commercial Register via the electronic platform:
    • Application for registration
    • Notarized articles of association
    • A list of the company shareholders
    • Documentation detailing the management board structure
    • Certification that the share capital was deposited
  • The Commercial Register sends notification to the Tax Office and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Notify the local Office of Business and Standards of the company establishment and apply for a trading license

Following notification of company establishment with the Office of Business and Standards, the remaining steps can be completed simultaneously, and include:

  • Register with the Central Statistical Office
  • Register with the professional association of the relevant trade
  • Register with the Labor Office, which issues an operating number for social security purposes
  • Register employees with the Social Security and Federal Health Insurance offices
  • Notify the Tax Office by mail of the company establishment for corporate and value added tax registration

The entire formation process can typically be completed in 11 business days, if all documentation is in order.