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13.4.3. APAs and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Binding Tax Information Rulings

On 12 October 2020, Cape Verde published the law that sets out the conditions for taxpayers to request binding tax information rulings (tax rulings). A request for a binding tax ruling can be filed by taxpayers, other interested parties, or legal representatives with the tax office of the jurisdiction in which the taxpayer is domiciled in Cape Verde. Certified lawyers, auditors, certified public accountants or other qualified entities may also request tax rulings on behalf of the taxpayer.  

The tax rulings are binding on the tax authorities and cannot be deviated except in compliance with a judicial decision. Tax authorities are required to clarify the validity period of a tax ruling at the time of issuance. A tax ruling may be retracted if there are subsequent changes in the factual or legal assumptions based on which the ruling was issued. A tax ruling can also be revoked with future effect after one year of issuance for safeguarding the rights and interests previously established.