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2.1. Main Formation Requirements

The establishment of the company types outlined in Sec. 1. involves a number steps and require registration/approval with multiple government agencies. The following outlines the basic requirements for establishment:

Legal Entity

The process for establishing a legal entity is Belarus is essentially the same regardless of form, and includes the following

  • State registration, including registration with:
    • The Belarus Tax Authorities
    • The State Social Funds department
    • The State Statistical Board
  • Register shares with the State Securities Commission (JSC only)
  • Creation of the company stamp
  • Opening of company bank accounts

The time to establish a legal entity is generally 7 to 10 days, although longer for joint stock companies due to the share registration requirement.

Representative Office

The following must be completed to establish a representative office.

  • Register with the Foreign Representations Coordination Office, including:
    • Application form
    • Particulars of parent company including registration documents, name, activities, etc.
    • Notarized and authenticated power of attorney granting the representative office the authority to work in Belarus under the parent company
  • Register with the tax authorities

The time to establish a representative office is generally 7 days