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8.2.2. Withholding Taxes

Bermuda does not have any income tax, capital gains tax or capital tax. There are no withholding taxes in Bermuda.

Currently Bermuda is part of DTAs in force with Bahrain, United States, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Nonetheless, no special withholding tax rates are established in the treaties.

The following table shows the most up-to-date standard domestic withholding tax rates.

Capital Gains 0.0 %
Dividends 0.0 %
Interest 0.0 %
Royalty Copyright 0.0 %
Royalty Patent 0.0 %
Royalty Trademark 0.0 %
Sales 0.0 %
Service Management 0.0 %
Service Technical 0.0 %

*Rates are current as of 02 October 2022