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5.6. Qualification of Specific Income Categories for Tax Purposes


Dividend includes any income generated by equities, profit sharing in companies of all forms as well as distributed equivalent income by persons subject to corporate income tax. In case of the repayment of the capital of a company following its liquidation, distributed dividend means the excess of sums received in any form over the revalued amount of the paid-up capital.


Interest includes any income generated by loans, deposits, guarantees, current accounts, government funds, bonds, equity securities, vouchers, and other debt securities.


The term ‘royalty’ includes payments of all kinds received in return for the use or the right to use copyright in a  literary, artistic or scientific work, including motion pictures as well as  films or recordings used for radiophonic or televised broadcasts. This term also refers to payments received in return for the use of any patent, trademark, prototype or model, computer application, formula or process, as well as the use or right to use equipment industrial, commercial, scientific or information experiences of an industrial, commercial or scientific nature. Royalties also include payments arising from the operation of natural resources.

Capital Gains

Capital gains include any gain realized on the transfer of immovable property or related rights, financial assets or collectible goods, and is computed as the difference between the transfer price and the net property value as acquired by the transferor.