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Due Date Tracker

Comprehensive library of compliance due dates and rules
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Automatic due date obligation tracker for all your filing needs, tied directly to your global footprint.

The Due Date Tracker is connected directly to your global footprint (provided manually or via the Entity Tracker) and automatically populates various compliance due dates for every entity. As entities are added or removed from the Entity Tracker the due dates are automatically synced.

Each due date can in turn generate a series of workflows involving various stakeholders who can be assigned tasks and completion dates and set alerts which can be delivered directly to their inbox.


Comprehensive Library

The Due Date Tracker includes a library of compliance rules for various filing obligations for 195 countries, updated daily.

Filing Details & Obligations

Additional built-in logic also determines if, for example, a return needs to be filed, which entity is obligated to file it, the actual forms that must be filed.

Assign Tasks & Workflows

Use the integrated Task Manager to assign due date obligations as tasks to stakeholders, with deadlines, notifications and workflows.

Audit Tracking & Roll-Forward

See the entire history of any filing activity with fully detailed audit trail. Choose to roll forward filing obligations to future fiscal years.

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Add any Orbitax solution license to receive a host of complimentary powerful tools to integrate with your daily workflow...
Dashboard & Analytics

Get an overview of various data elements being maintained on the Orbitax platform including footprint data and data from the Orbitax Tax Rules & Rates Database. Powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Contacts & Chat

Import your list of contacts into Orbitax, assign roles and permissions, and chat with individuals or create custom groups to discuss data population, filing obligations and anything in between.

Video Meetings

Use the built-in Orbitax Meet feature to start or schedule a video meeting with members from your Orbitax Contacts list. Arrange meetings, share your screen and save meeting recordings to the Orbitax Drive.

Document Repository

Secure document storage and management for all your tax documentation, files and meeting notes. Boost your file storage premium features available with the Orbitax Drive.

Task Manager

Assign tasks and timelines to various stakeholders, including checklists, attachments, comments, custom alerts and more. Monitor and manage all tasks from the powerful Task Manager dashboard.

Activity Tracker

Automatically monitors and displays all activity across your Orbitax projects, including when users log in, change/upload data, along with timestamps and ability to generate comprehesive audit reports.