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Orbitax Change Reports Tracker (CRT)

Orbitax Change Reports Tracker is a comprehensive solution for tracking worldwide tax law changes. With coverage of over 195 countries, and a broad range of features (including global footprint analysis, multiple user access, custom reports, push notifications and more), Orbitax CRT is a must-have tool to navigate the constantly changing landscape of international tax, enabling users to effectively plan for the years to come.

Orbitax Change Reports Tracker is the only solution that can truly emulate a customer’s global footprint and allow for important tax changes to be shared automatically to key contacts and stakeholders.

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In today’s world, there is an unprecedented amount of change in the landscape of international tax and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track and notify stakeholders of tax changes affecting the global world.

In the interest of providing the right information for your company and becoming a trusted leader among your peers, you might spend hours upon hours compiling information in Excel to create the basepoint for your client’s global footprint.

Updating this file manually to keep up with the constant change in the international world so that you can keep your clients abreast of all the latest changes and the information that matters to them, can be difficult and time consuming.


However, what if there was a solution created for international tax professionals that allowed them to create an interactive analysis of their organization’s global footprint? A solution that could track tax law changes daily, push notifications regarding enacted future laws becoming effective, was completely customizable based on that clients’ interests, entities, cross-border transactions and reported directly to their mailbox, and other key stakeholders that you advise and plan with.

Orbitax Change Reports is the perfect solution if you are an international tax professional working in a company with operations in multiple countries. There is no other offering in the market that provides a singular report providing information on laws relevant to the global footprint that you create.

Key Features
  • Analyze Your Global FootprintPopulate your global footprint and track law changes relevant to you, including enacted current, future enacted and proposed changes. Changes can be easily made in current and future fiscal years as your global footprint evolves.
  • Receive Custom Reports & AlertsSee at a glance what the latest changes are, what their effective date is and any associated references including news articles. Receive notifications directly to your inbox when new changes are published.
  • Distribute Reports AutomaticallySend custom reports to key stakeholders, including automatic quarterly change report summaries and email alerts at any chosen frequency.
  • Powerful and Intuitive SolutionOrbitax Change Reports is a simple-to-use, secure, web-based tax solution. There's nothing to download or install. Set up global footprints, custom reports and email notifications with just a few clicks.

International Tax Research and Compliance Expert (ITRCE)

Orbitax International Tax Research and Compliance Expert (ITRCE) provides comprehensive analysis of tax regimes with embedded tools to put your research into action and is your one-stop shop for all your essential international tax research and compliance needs, including cross border tax rates, tax treaties, daily tax news updates, country analysis and world-wide tax compliance forms in English. It also provides powerful real-time translation of any foreign documents with automatic foreign exchange conversion for translating foreign financial statements.

International Tax Research Compliance Expert (PDF)

Orbitax Essential International Tax Solutions (Essentials)

In addition to research and compliance material, Orbitax Essential International Tax Solutions allows companies to create their entity charts (visual and table format) and perform worldwide tax planning and multiyear forecasting calculations.

Essential International Tax Solutions (PDF)

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