Uzbekistan Tax News

Tax Treaty between Brunei and Uzbekistan to be Negotiated 6 October 2022
Uzbekistan Provides Tax Reduction Incentive to Renewable Energy Plant Production 28 September 2022
Uzbekistan to Cut VAT Rate from 15% to 12% and Introduce New Tax Rules for Smaller Taxpayers 27 September 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 50) | Updates to MAP processes may increase taxpayer participation 13 September 2022
Uzbekistan Overview of Recent Tax Changes Including a Tax Rate Reduction for Non-Resident Individuals and Other Tax Benefits 17 August 2022
Bangladesh and Uzbekistan to Accelerate Signing of Tax Treaty 5 August 2022
Russia Terminating CIS Pension Agreement 29 July 2022
Uzbekistan Provides New Tax Incentives for Special Economic Zones 20 July 2022
Uzbekistan Increases Minimum Wage and Standard Calculation Index 7 July 2022
Tax Treaty between Argentina and Uzbekistan to be Negotiated 29 June 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 47) | Cross-border tax controversy on the rise: transfer pricing trends in the life sciences sector 17 June 2022
Uzbekistan Draft Amendments to the Customs and Tax Codes 31 May 2022
Uzbekistan Joins Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes 20 May 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 46) | Is your organization ready to meet growing global demands for tax governance? 17 May 2022
Uzbekistan Provides New and Revised Tax Benefits 17 May 2022
Uzbekistan Extends Customs Relief and Provides New VAT Relief for Imported Medical Equipment 3 May 2022
Uzbekistan Approves New Regulations on Tax Registration 15 April 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 45) | What 2022 may hold for global tax policy and controversy 12 April 2022
Uzbekistan Tax Changes from April 2022 Including Several Tax Benefits 6 April 2022
Uzbekistan Announces Tax Administration Amendments and Tax Exemptions for Companies in Certain Areas 4 April 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 44) | Operating model design: The importance of keeping controversy front of mind 15 March 2022
Uzbekistan Clarifies Representative Offices are Not VAT Payers 4 March 2022
Uzbekistan Extends VAT Exemption for Vegetable Oil and Certain Foods 28 February 2022
Uzbekistan Introducing Procedure for Property Tax on Taxpayers Otherwise Exempt 27 January 2022
Uzbekistan Tax Changes for 2022 Include Increased Depreciation Rates, Removal of Loss Carry Forward Restrictions, and Several Others 12 January 2022
Uzbekistan Reduces Rates of Subsurface Use Tax for 2022 and Introduces Rent Tax 4 January 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 41) | How businesses can navigate transfer pricing risks 14 December 2021
Uzbekistan Provides Reduced Corporate Income Tax for E-Commerce Businesses Integrating with Open Digital Ecosystem 7 December 2021
Moldova Authorizes Negotiation of Amending Protocols to Tax Treaties with Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Slovak Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan 8 November 2021
Uzbekistan Introduces Amendments for the Payment of Taxes in Installments 2 November 2021