United States Tax News

Tax Treaty between Croatia and the U.S. to be Signed 23 November 2022
U.S. Proposed Regulations on Guidance Related to the Foreign Tax Credit 21 November 2022
G20 Leaders Committed to Swift Implementation of OECD/G20 Two-Pillar International Tax Package 18 November 2022
Colorado Voters Approve Reduction in State Income Tax Rate 15 November 2022
Argentina and U.S. to Sign FATCA Agreement 15 November 2022
German Cabinet Approves CbC Exchange Agreement with U.S. 14 November 2022
U.S. IRS Consulting on Upcoming Energy Guidance 14 November 2022
US IRS 2022–2023 Priority Guidance Plan includes transfer pricing projects similar to last year 14 November 2022
U.S FATCA Agreement with Malaysia Published 10 November 2022
U.S Congressional Committee Members Urge Withdraw of Hungary Tax Treaty Termination 8 November 2022
U.S. 2022-2023 Priority Guidance Plan Issued 7 November 2022
Netherlands issues updated ATAD 2 Decree that will benefit certain cost-plus situations for US corporations with disregarded Dutch taxpayers 3 November 2022
U.S. President Biden Threatens Oil Companies with Windfall Profits Tax 2 November 2022
U.S. House Ways and Means Republicans Send New Letter to Treasury Secretary on Pillar 1 2 November 2022
Maryland Comptroller Statement on Court Decision that Digital Advertising Tax is Unconstitutional 26 October 2022
U.S. IRS Practice Unit on Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) 25 October 2022
IRS Withdraws Proposed Regulations on Exclusion from Gross Income of Previously Taxed Earnings and Profits and Related Basis Adjustments 24 October 2022
Austria to Negotiate New Reciprocal FATCA Agreement with the U.S. 21 October 2022
IRS Notes Extended COVID Penalty Relief Deadlines for Disaster Areas 21 October 2022
Maryland Court Holds Digital Advertising Tax is Unconstitutional 20 October 2022
Cyprus Tax Authority issues clarification regarding Competent Authority Agreement with United States for exchange of CbC reports 20 October 2022
U.S. IRS Provides Tax Inflation Adjustments for Tax Year 2023 19 October 2022
U.S. Social Security Changes for 2023 18 October 2022
Cyprus Notes Expected Effective Date of CbC Exchange with the U.S. and Local Filing Obligations 17 October 2022
Spanish tax authorities deem a series of consecutive intra-group share transfers as abusive and potentially subject to penalties in binding report 14 October 2022
U.S. IRS Extends Transition Period for Filing Valid Research Credit Claims 12 October 2022
U.S. IRS Providing Tax Relief for Hurricane Ian Victims in Florida and the Carolinas 12 October 2022
Final Regulation for Beneficial Ownership Reporting Published in U.S. Federal Register 11 October 2022
Argentina and U.S. Negotiating FATCA Agreement 5 October 2022
Supreme Court to Hear Case on Client-Attorney Privilege in the Context of Dual-Purpose Legal Advice 4 October 2022