Russia Tax News

Russia Planning to Cut VAT Rate on Several Goods 23 November 2022
G20 Leaders Committed to Swift Implementation of OECD/G20 Two-Pillar International Tax Package 18 November 2022
SSA between Russia and Tajikistan has Entered into Force 25 October 2022
Russia Confirms Advertising Services Provided to Non-Residents are Not Subject to VAT 19 October 2022
Switzerland Updates Jurisdictions for CRS Exchange with Suspension for Russia 18 October 2022
EAEU Extends Increased Duty-Free Threshold for Import of Goods for Personal Use and Import Duty Exemption for Critical Goods 7 October 2022
Russia Suspends Tax Treaty with Latvia 29 September 2022
Indirect Tax Agreement between Belarus and Russia to be Signed 27 September 2022
Switzerland Suspends Tax Information Exchange with Russia 22 September 2022
Russia Reduces Key Interest Rate to 7.5% Impacting Controlled Debt Rules and Interest Penalties 20 September 2022
Russia Confirms Termination of Tax Treaty with Ukraine 30 August 2022
Russia Planning Tax Benefits for Import Substitution Projects 26 August 2022
Russia Revising List of Jurisdictions Without Adequate Information Exchange for CFC Purposes 19 August 2022
Russian Parliament Considering Major Minimum Monthly Wage Increase 18 August 2022
Russia Revises List of States and Territories for CbC Report Automatic Exchange 16 August 2022
Russia Limits VAT Obligations of Non-Resident Electronic Service Providers 16 August 2022
Russian Tax Service Notes Relaxed Conditions for "Ultra-Low Tax Regime" for IT Companies 11 August 2022
Russia to Tax Non-Resident Employees Working Overseas 10 August 2022
Azerbaijan Approves Pending Pension Agreement with Russia 5 August 2022
Tax Treaty between Oman and Russia to be Signed 4 August 2022
Russia Terminating CIS Pension Agreement 29 July 2022
Russia Reduces Key Interest Rate to 8.0% Impacting Controlled Debt Rules and Interest Penalties 25 July 2022
Latvia Clarifies Suspension of Tax Treaty with Russia 22 July 2022
G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Reaffirm Commitment to Two-Pillar International Tax Package 20 July 2022
Russia Ratifies Pending SSA with Tajikistan 19 July 2022
Russian Parliament Approves Pending SSA with Tajikistan 14 July 2022
Russia Allows Extended Application of Reduced Regional Corporate Tax Rates 6 July 2022
Russian Lower House Approves Pending SSA with Tajikistan 1 July 2022
Ukraine Notified Russia of Decision to Terminate Tax Treaty 24 June 2022
Russia Clarifies 0% VAT Rate for Temporary Accommodation in Hotels and Other Accommodation Facilities 17 June 2022