OECD Tax News

OECD Releases Annual Corporate Tax Statistics Report Including New Aggregated Country-by-Country Report Data 21 November 2022
OECD Publishes Comments Received on the Progress Report on the Administration and Tax Certainty Aspects of Amount A of Pillar One 18 November 2022
G20 Leaders Committed to Swift Implementation of OECD/G20 Two-Pillar International Tax Package 18 November 2022
Argentina Foreign Affairs Committee Approves BEPS MLI 17 November 2022
Georgia Joins Multilateral Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information 16 November 2022
OECD Report Finds Tax Revenues in Africa Hit Hard by the COVID-19 Crisis 16 November 2022
Malaysia Adds Tax Treaty with Ukraine as Covered Agreement for BEPS MLI 15 November 2022
Indonesia Confirms Completion of Internal Procedures for the Entry into Effect of BEPS MLI for 6 Covered Agreements 14 November 2022
Peer Review Report Shows Significant Progress on Global Transparency and Exchange of Tax Information 11 November 2022
Multilateral Exchange Agreements Signed on Income Earned on Digital Platforms and on CRS Avoidance Arrangements and Opaque Offshore Structures 11 November 2022
Ukraine Joins Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Exchange of CbC Reports 8 November 2022
Azerbaijan to Joining BEPS Inclusive Framework 7 November 2022
OECD Notes Tunisia's Commitment to Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information by 2024 3 November 2022
BEPS MLI in Force for Lesotho 2 November 2022
Armenia Ratifies BEPS MLI 25 October 2022
Ukraine Cabinet Approves Multilateral Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information 24 October 2022
OECD Updates Guidance on Country-by-Country Reporting 19 October 2022
Mexican Senate Approves BEPS MLI 17 October 2022
Update - South Africa's Definitive List of Reservations and Notifications for the BEPS MLI 12 October 2022
OECD Announces New Transparency Framework for Crypto-Assets 11 October 2022
OECD Releases Tax Administration 3.0 Reports on Digital Identification of Taxpayers, Connecting with Natural Systems, and Electronic Invoicing 7 October 2022
OECD Says Countries Making Substantial Progress Towards Implementation of the Two-Pillar International Tax Reform; Consults on Progress Report 7 October 2022
South Africa Deposits Ratification Instrument for BEPS MLI 7 October 2022
Mongolia Signs BEPS MLI 7 October 2022
OECD Releases Compilation of 2022 Peer Review Reports for CbC Reporting 6 October 2022
World Bank Report Urges Countries to Take Concrete Steps to Prepare for Global Minimum Taxation 3 October 2022
Country Tax Commissioners to Ramp up Efforts to Streamline Implementation of Two Pillar Global Tax Reform 3 October 2022
Rwanda Deposits Ratification Instrument for Mutual Assistance Convention 30 September 2022
South African National Assembly Approves BEPS MLI 30 September 2022
OECD Bilateral Advance Pricing Arrangement Manual 30 September 2022