Ecuador Tax News

Ecuador Further Reducing Remittance Tax Rate 30 January 2023
Ecuador Establishes New Rules for Automatic Application of Treaty Benefits 18 January 2023
Ecuador Clarifies New Deduction Rules for Certain Expenses with Related Parities Apply from 2023 10 January 2023
Ecuador Individual Income Tax Brackets/Rates for 2023 5 January 2023
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 53) | UK transfer pricing adjustments – is the underlying rule being followed? 13 December 2022
Ecuador Sets Basic Minimum Salary for 2023 9 December 2022
Ecuador National Assembly Votes to Repeal Law for Economic Development and Fiscal Sustainability after the COVID-19 Pandemic 6 December 2022
Ecuador Tax Incentives to Attract Investment in Audiovisual and Energy Sectors 2 December 2022
Ecuador Reform Measures in Relation to Trade, Investment, and Tax Policy 1 December 2022
Ecuador enacts new regulations on Income Tax, including lower income tax rates for new investments 23 November 2022
Ecuador Constitutional Court Finds RIMPE Simplified Tax Regime Unconstitutional for Certain Taxpayers 18 November 2022
Tax Treaty between Ecuador and the UAE in Force 9 November 2022
Ecuador Replaces Tax Havens List and Makes Related Amendments 17 October 2022
Ecuador Establishes Rules for Reporting Information on Final Beneficiaries 14 October 2022
Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four Calls for Finalization and Simplification of Pillar 2 Rules for Emerging Markets and Developing Economies 13 October 2022
Ecuadorian Tax Authority reforms definitions and tax treatment for Tax Havens, Minor Tax Jurisdictions and Special Tax Regimes 6 October 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 50) | Updates to MAP processes may increase taxpayer participation 13 September 2022
OECD Publishes Exchange of Information Peer Review Reports for the Cook Islands, Ecuador, Finland, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Sint Maarten, and Sweden 19 August 2022
Ecuador Approves Pending TIEA with the U.S. 19 July 2022
Ecuador Revises Tax Refund Mechanism for Non-Residents Benefiting from a Tax Treaty 1 July 2022
Honduras to Sign Ibero-American Social Security Convention 28 June 2022
Ecuador Establishes Rules for Application of the Ordinary Credit Method for the Elimination of Double Taxation 21 June 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 47) | Cross-border tax controversy on the rise: transfer pricing trends in the life sciences sector 17 June 2022
Ecuador Establishes Deadline for Taxpayers to Implement E-Invoicing 16 June 2022
Swiss Federal Council Approves Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information with 12 Partner States 20 May 2022
Ecuador Extends Deadline for Assets and Liabilities Reporting Annex in 2022 18 May 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 46) | Is your organization ready to meet growing global demands for tax governance? 17 May 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 45) | What 2022 may hold for global tax policy and controversy 12 April 2022
Ecuador Clarifies Temporary Special Contribution Tax on Assets Applies for Trusts and Investment Funds 12 April 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 44) | Operating model design: The importance of keeping controversy front of mind 15 March 2022