Belgium Tax News

Belgium to Repeal the Notional Interest Deduction, Temporarily Reduce the Corporate Tax Basket Deduction, and Modify the FTC for Royalties 23 November 2022
Belgian Parliament Approves Statute of Limitations Amendments and Other Tax Measures 15 November 2022
Multilateral Exchange Agreements Signed on Income Earned on Digital Platforms and on CRS Avoidance Arrangements and Opaque Offshore Structures 11 November 2022
European Commission Approves Extension of Belgian Scheme Exempting Seafarer Employers from Social Security Contributions 7 November 2022
Belgian Council of Ministers Approves Temporary Solidarity Contribution Payable by the Oil Sector 4 November 2022
Belgium Providing General Tax Payment Deferral in Response to Energy Crisis 3 November 2022
Belgium Providing Social Security Payment Relief in Response to Energy Crisis 2 November 2022
Belgium Publishes Law on Various VAT Provisions Including Reduced VAT Rate Confirmations 26 October 2022
Belgian Parliament Considering Tax Payment Extensions in Response to Energy Crisis 25 October 2022
Belgian Cabinet Approves Pending Protocol to Tax Treaty with Luxembourg 24 October 2022
Belgian Government Reaches Agreement on Budget for 2023 and 2024 17 October 2022
Netherlands Terminates Savings Tax Agreement between Former Netherlands Antilles and Several Countries in Relation to Sint Maarten 14 October 2022
Belgian Parliament Considering Statute of Limitations Amendments and Other Tax Measures 12 October 2022
Updated FAQ on Belgian Annual Securities Account Tax 11 October 2022
Belgium Willing to Implement Pillar 2 Through Enhanced Cooperation 7 October 2022
EU Commission Releases Infringements Package for September 2022 4 October 2022
Windfall Profit Tax and Cap on Market Revenues Agreed for Energy Sector 4 October 2022
Belgium and Iran Expresses Interest in Negotiating Income Tax Treaty 3 October 2022
Belgium Council of Ministers Approves DAC7 Bill 3 October 2022
Belgium Clarifies Reduced VAT Rate for Masks and Hydroalcoholic Gels Until End of Year 29 September 2022
Belgium Sets Notional Interest Deduction Rates for the 2023 Assessment Year 27 September 2022
Mauritius Publishes Synthesized Texts of Tax Treaties with Barbados, Belgium, and Croatia as Impacted by the BEPS MLI 23 September 2022
Belgium Extends Individual Income Tax Return Filing Deadline for Filing via a Chartered Accountant or Tax Advisor in 2022 22 September 2022
Belgium Notes Extension of Total VAT and Duty Exemption on Imports for COVID-19 19 September 2022
Belgium Constitutional Court Issues Judgment on DAC6 Law Including the Annulment of Certain Restrictions on Invoking Professional Privilege 16 September 2022
Belgium Announces Availability of Individual Income Tax Return Filing for Non-Residents 15 September 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 50) | Updates to MAP processes may increase taxpayer participation 13 September 2022
Luxembourg Publishes Clarifications on Thresholds for the Taxation of Cross-Border Workers under Tax Treaties with Belgium, France, and Germany 7 September 2022
Belgium Extending Reduced VAT Rate on Electricity and Natural Gas and Planning Excess Profits Tax for Energy Companies 6 September 2022
Update - New Tax Treaty between Belgium and France 25 August 2022