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Treaty negotiating priorities for 2008 — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Dutch government has published details of the Netherlands tax treaty negotiating priorities for the year 2008.

Negotiations will either commence or continue on a new tax treaty or amending protocol with the following countries:

Algeria, Australia, Azerbijan, Brazil, Xhina (People;’s Rep.),  |Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, France, Germany,  omg Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Isle of Man, Japan, Kenya, Korea (Rep.), Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, Turkmenistan and United Kingdom.

In addition, negotiations will commence with a view to amending the Tax Regulation for the Kingdom of the Netherlands , i.e. the agreement which has the status of a treaty between the Netherlands, Aruba and the Netherlands