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Taiwan Clarifies Payment Relief for Individual Taxpayers for COVID-19 — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Taiwan's Ministry of Finance has issued a release on the tax payment relief that is being provided for individuals that are unable to pay their taxes due to COVID-19. The release includes an English-language annex setting out the conditions.


Affected by the Epidemic, is it Difficult to Declare and pay taxes this year? The Ministry of Finance Provides Extensions and Installments Paying Service!

The National Taxation Bureau of Kaohsiung, Ministry of Finance stated that they have received repeated calls from the public recently. Due to the severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic in the service companies, the implementation of unpaid leave or pay reduction measures have caused personal income to decrease. They worry about individual income tax return to the coming May that they cannot pay the taxes as scheduled.

The bureau has released the tax collection agency to accept taxpayers due to the impact of the epidemic and cannot pay the tax in one payment due to the epidemic situation. Affected by the epidemic situation, the application of the extension or installment tax payment review principles, with a view to liberal and quickly handle the difficulty of working together with the public to prevent the epidemic. Among them, the key points related to the individual are as follows:(see the attachment)

People who meet the requirements can fill out the application form and attach relevant supporting documents (such as salary reduction notices) within the prescribed payment period to protect their rights and interests!

The bureau further stated that to facilitate people 's applications, the relevant application forms have placed on the homepage of the bureau's website (URL: /Theme/ Administrative/ Epidemic prevention / Extension or installment of tax payment, people can download and print. If you need to know more about the relevant measures and the application process, you can call the toll-free service telephone number of the bureau at 0800-000321 or 7256600 extension 7601 for consultation.

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