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The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has issued GST Bulletin Issue 22 for May 2021. The bulletin notes that from May 2021, most IRAS notices will be digitized and paper notices minimized. As such, taxpayers are invited to update their notice preferences on the myTax Portal to received timely notification of when GST notices are ready for viewing online.

The bulletin also provided guidance on certain common mistakes to avoid. This includes charging and accounting for GST on the net difference for trade-in goods, which is incorrect. For example, if a customer trades in an old computer for SGD 300 when buying a new computer for SGD 1,000, GST should be charged on the full SGD 1,000 and not the SGD 700 net difference. Further, if the customer is a GST-registered business, the customer should charge and account for GST on the trade-in value of SGD 300.

Another common mistake is not charging GST on inter-company transactions. The bulletin clarifies that GST is a broad-based consumption tax levied on all local supplies of goods and services, including inter-company transactions.