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Saudi Arabia Publishes English-Language VAT Guideline on E-Commerce — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Saudi Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has published an English-language VAT Guideline for Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). In general, supplies made via e-commerce in the KSA are subject to VAT, with resident suppliers required to register if the standard annual taxable supply threshold of SAR 375,000 is exceeded. Non-resident suppliers, however, are required to register irrespective of the value of supplies made in the KSA unless supplies are only made to VAT-registered customers that are required to self-account for VAT on supplies received via the reverse charge mechanism.


This Guideline

This guideline is addressed to all natural and legal persons who carry on an economic activity and who are subject to VAT. The purpose of this guideline is to provide more clarifications regarding to E-commerce and online portals and platforms activities in KSA.

This guideline represents ZATCA's view on the application of the unified VAT agreement, the VAT law and the VAT implementing regulation regarding to e-commerce activities as of the date of this guideline. This guide amounts to a guideline and does not include or purport to include all the relevant provisions for e-commerce in the unified VAT agreement, the VAT law or the VAT implementing regulation. It is not binding on ZATCA or any taxpayer in respect of any transaction carried out and it cannot be relied upon in any way.

For further advices on a specific transaction, you may apply for a ruling or visit the official website of the authority which contains a wide range of tools and information that has been established as a reference to support persons subject to VAT, as well as visual guidance materials, and all relevant information and FAQ.