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Romania Publishes Order Establishing Procedure and Form for Registering in the E-Factura Electronic Invoicing System — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Romania has published Order no. 1.713 of 27 October 2021 in the Official Gazette, providing further rules for the implementation of the national RO e-Factura electronic invoicing system. This follows the publication of Emergency Ordinance no. 120 of 4 October 2021, which provided measures for the administration, operation, and implementation of the system. In particular, Order no. 1.713 approves the registration procedures for the RO e-Factura system, including the model and content of the new Form 084 used to apply for registration, as well as the related instructions. The use of the system is generally optional and can be used for both B2G and B2B purposes. For B2B, the invoice recipient must also be registered for the system.