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Profits/income — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts
Rate (%) trading profits 0 trading profits derived from licensed deposit taking business 10 income from letting and development of property, mining and quarrying 10 investment and other income 18 -   confirmation that withholding tax will continue to be due on company distributions to non-residents at the rate of tax paid by the company; -   the extension of the zero tax rate to profits of banks that represent non-banking business or income arising from capital reserves to the extent that these reserves exceed the minimum regulatory requirements; -   permission for banks to split their profits between part taxable at 10% and part at 0% if the income concerned would qualify for the zero rate if it were receivable by a separate company, subject to the ring fencing of losses arising on business taxed at the zero rate; -   the introduction of a flat rate corporate charge of 250 for all companies that are not currently paying exempt or non-resident company fees; and -   no change in exempt company fees.