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Italy Converts New Simplified Patent Box Regime into Law — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Italy has published Law No. 215 of 17 December 2021 in the Official Gazette, which converts Decree-Law No. 146 of 21 October 2021 into law. As previously reported, Decree-Law No. 146 introduced various urgent economic and fiscal measures, including additional payment and interest relief for outstanding taxes in response to COVID-19. The key measures of the Decree-Law, however, provided for the introduction of a new simplified patent box regime that allows qualifying taxpayers to claim an additional deduction of 90% of R&D costs incurred in relation to qualifying intellectual property (190% total deduction). With the introduction of the new simplified patent box regime, the old regime providing for a 50% exemption of qualifying income is repealed. As converted into law, various adjustments and additions are made to Decree-Law No. 146, although the measures for the new simplified patent box regime are largely unchanged.