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Greece Publishes Lists of Blacklisted Jurisdictions for Tax Year 2021 — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Greece on 13 and 20 March 2023 published the updated blacklist of jurisdictions with preferential tax regimes and blacklist of non-cooperative jurisdictions, respectively. Both lists are effective for the tax year 2021. In comparison with the previous lists (valid for the tax year 2020), Sri Lanka is removed from the blacklist of jurisdictions with preferential tax regimes, while Oman is removed from but Algeria, Belarus, Congo (Rep. of) and Vietnam are added to the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions. So-called “defensive measures” with respect to both lists include disallowing the deduction for Greek tax purposes of payments to persons established in a listed jurisdiction, unless the payer substantiates that the payments are in remuneration of actual and regular transactions that do not result in tax avoidance.

Following the March 2023 update, both lists (valid for the tax year 2021) stand as follows:

List of Jurisdiction with Preferential Tax Regimes (as released on 13 March 2023 – valid for the tax year 2021)

Albania Anguilla Andorra Bahamas  Bahrain
Barbados  Belize Bermuda Bonaire British Virgin Islands
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Cayman Islands Cyprus Gibraltar
Guernsey Hungary Ireland Isle of Man  Jersey
Kosovo Kyrgyzstan Liechtenstein  Macau  Maldives
Moldova  Monaco  Mongolia  Montenegro  Marshall Islands
North Macedonia  Paraguay  Qatar  Saba (NL BES) Saudi Arabia
St. Eustatius (NL BES)  Timor Leste  Turkmenistan  Turks and Caicos United Arab Emirates

List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions (as released on 20 March 2023 – valid for the  tax year 2021 unless otherwise indicated)

Algeria Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Barbados Belarus
Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Cambodia Congo (Rep. of)
Djibouti Dominica Eswatini (only until 30 June 2021) Gabon Ghana
Guatemala Guinea Guyana Haiti  Honduras
Ivory Coast Jordan (only until 30 November 2021) Kazakhstan Liberia Lesotho
Mali  Madagascar  Maldives  Mauritania Namibia (only 31 March 2021)
Niger  Panama Palau Papua New Guinea Paraguay (only until 31 October 2021
Philippines Rwanda Seychelles Sint Maarten Thailand
Togo Trinidad and Tobago Tanzania  Chad  Vanuatu