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Greece Publishes Administrative Codification of the Provisions of the Special Tax on Real Estate — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Greek Public Revenue Authority (AADE) published Circular E. 2079 of 16 April 2021, which provides an Administrative Codification of the provisions of the Special Tax on Real Estate. The special annual tax was introduced by Law 3091/2002 and is levied on companies and other legal entities that own the rights or right to use real estate in Greece at a rate of 15% on the objective value of the real estate. However, several exemptions are provided that greatly limit the application of the tax. These exemptions are clearly set out in the Administrative Codification, including exemptions provided through other legislation. Exemptions are provided for:

  • Companies whose shares are listed on a qualifying exchange;
  • Companies carrying out commercial, manufacturing, industrial, craft, or service activities in Greece, provided that gross income from these activities does not exceed gross income from real estate;
  • Shipping companies and companies leasing real estate to shipping companies;
  • Companies that are majority-owned by the State;
  • Legal entities performing activities for public benefit, educational, cultural, and religious purposes;
  • Insurance funds or social security organizations and different investment entities; and
  • Several others.

The Administrative Codification was published to provide guidance for tax offices and taxpayers in relation to the Special Tax on Real Estate and applicable legislation as in effect from 1 January 2021.