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El Salvador Increases Information Requirements for Annual Return on Related Party Transactions — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Salvadoran tax authority has reportedly issued an updated version of the form for the annual information return on related party transactions (Informe de Operaciones con Sujetos Relacionados - Form F982v4). The updated form includes additional information requirements, including:

  • An explanation for each reported transaction that includes information of the transfer pricing analysis, such as the type of comparable and the tested value, the financial statements used, and the interquartile range determined in the comparability analysis; and
  • An indication of whether a reported transaction falls within a market value range and the value of the adjustment determined, if applicable.

Further to the additional information requirements, mandatory electronic filing of the form is also introduced.

Note, although El Salvador does not have a statutory deadline for the preparation of the transfer pricing analysis, it has generally been expected to be prepared by the deadline of Form F982, which is 3 months following the year-end (31 March). With the additional information requirements, it is now effectively required that the analysis is completed by this deadline.