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Dominican Republic Following OECD Guidelines on Currency Fluctuations for Country-by-Country Reporting Threshold — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Dominican Republic's Directorate General of Internal Revenue (DGII) has issued Notice 18-22 regarding the obligation to file a Country-by-Country (CbC) report as per General Standard (Norm) No. 08-2021 and General Standard (Norm) No. 08-2022. The Notice includes that the filing requirement in the Dominican Republic will be applied in line with the OECD guidelines in relation to currency fluctuations. The guidelines essentially provide that in situations where reporting thresholds vary in different jurisdictions due to currency fluctuations and an MNE group has not met the reporting threshold of the ultimate parent's jurisdiction, then no reporting obligation should apply in any other jurisdiction, provided the reporting threshold of the ultimate parent's jurisdiction is a near equivalent of EUR 750 million as of January 2015. Further, there is no requirement for a jurisdiction using a threshold denominated other than in euros to periodically revise this in order to reflect currency fluctuations. These guidelines are relevant for the Dominican Republic given that its CbC reporting threshold is DOP 38.8 billion.