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Canada Employment Insurance Contribution Rates and Maximums for 2022 — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Canadian Government has issued a release announcing the Employment Insurance (EI) premium rates and maximums for 2022. The Federal EI premium rates and maximums are as follows, excluding Quebec:

  • The annual maximum insurable earnings increased to CAD 60,300 in 2022, up from CAD 56,300 in 2021;
  • The contribution rate is maintained at 1.58% for employees and 2.212% for employers (1.4 times the employee rate); and
  • The maximum annual employee contribution is increased to CAD 952.74 and the maximum annual employer contribution is increased to CAD 1,333.84 per employee.

For Quebec, the annual insurable earnings maximum is the same, but the rates are different due to Quebec administering its own insurance plan. The contribution rates are maintained at 1.20% and 1.68% for employees and employers, respectively, and the maximum annual contribution for employees is CAD 723.60 and the maximum for employers is CAD 1,013.04 per employee.