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Belgium Announces Summer Holiday Extensions for VAT Declarations but Not Payment — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Belgium's Federal Public Service (SPF) Finance has issued a release announcing an extension for the submission of VAT declarations for the summer holidays 2020. This includes an extension of the deadline for the June and second quarter 2020 period to 10 August 2020 (normally 20 July) and an extension for the deadline for the July 2020 period to 10 September 2020 (normally 20 August). The same extensions apply for intra-community operations statements.

The extension does not apply, however, for VAT payment, which remains due 20 July and 20 August 2020. Further, if a taxpayer is entitled to the reimbursement of VAT credit, declarations must be filed by 24 July and 24 August 2020.