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Austria Publishes Forms to Apply for Coronavirus Tax Relief — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Austria's Ministry of Finance has published information on support for businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, including forms to apply for tax relief. The tax relief includes the following:

Reduction of advance payments

In order to improve the liquidity of companies, they can have the advance payments of income or corporate tax reduced to zero.

Waiver of arrears interest

If subsequent tax claim results from an income or corporate income tax assessment notice, arrears interest will be determined for such subsequent claims. These can be waived for affected companies.

Payment facilitation

The date of payment of a duty may be postponed (deferral), or payment in instalments may be agreed to.

Waiver or reduction of late payment surcharges

A late payment surcharge is normally payable for a tax debt not paid by the due date. Affected companies can have this reduced or request the interest to be waived.