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Austria Clarifies Electronic Filing of CbC Reports and Notifications — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Austrian Ministry of Finance (BMF) provided the following clarifications regarding the electronic filing of CbC reports (which are due for the first time by the end of FY 2017). According to the communication, the technical process consists of 3 steps as follows:

  • A technical guide will be published on the site of the BMF before the end of July 2017. The guide will describe the technical specifications including conversion of the CbC report to the standard OECD XML schema.
  • A test phase will follow from September 2017, whereby companies will be invited to submit their reports through the BMF’s FinanzOnline portal. The test phase is intended to identify any issue before broader rollout.
  • The test phase is expected to end in October 2017. From approximately that date, the system shall be fully deployed and companies will be able to file through FinanzOnline.
  • Companies should be able to file the required CbC notifications from 4 July 2017 through the FinanzOnline portal.