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Aruba Issues Notice on Profit Tax Returns for 2020 — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The Aruba government recently published a notice regarding profit tax returns for 2020, including that returns are due by 31 May 2021, although a provisional return may be submitted by this date with the final return due by 31 November 2021.


Companies receive the profit tax 2020 package through the mail

ORANJESTAD - Departamento di Impuesto (Tax Department) informs that the profit tax 2020 packages will be delivered by mail these days.

The profit taxpayers are companies incorporated in Aruba and or abroad that have permanent residence in Aruba and the insurance companies.

Content packages

The packages contain the profit tax return forms 2020, namely:

  • A preliminary tax return form 2020
  • A final tax return form.

Deadline for filing the complete tax return.

The deadline for filing profit tax 2020 is May 31, 2021. If it is not feasible to file the final return by May 31, then the company must file a provisional return and the corresponding payment. The company is then given an extension until November 31, 2021, to file the final return. The deadline to file the 2020 provisional income tax return and make the corresponding payments is May 31, 2021. If the customer meets the conditions for the extension, the last date to file the final return and related payment is November 30, 2021.

The Tax Department advises its customers not to wait until the last minute to file the return and make the related profit tax payments. Customers who fail to comply with the submission of their final income tax return will receive an after-tax assessment including a penalty.