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As part of Argentina's recently enacted 2018 tax reform law (Law 27430 - {News-2018-01-02/A/2-previous coverage}), specific penalties have been introduced in relation to Argentina's CbC reporting requirements. This includes:

  • A penalty of ARS 80,000 to ARS 200,000 for failing to provide CbC notifications, including the notification of where a CbC report has been submitted if submitted abroad; and
  • A penalty of ARS 600,000 to ARS 900,000 for failing to submit a CbC report, the late submission of a CbC report, or the submission of an incomplete or incorrect CbC report.

Note, Argentina's CbC reporting regulations include a general reference to penalties provided for under Article 39 of Argentina's Tax Procedures Law (Law No. 11,683), which includes penalties of ARS 45,000 to ARS 450,000 ({News-2017-09-27/A/2-previous coverage}). The specific penalties in relation to CbC reporting are added to that Article.