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Argentina Publishes Resolution Simplifying and Harmonizing Tax Return and Payment Requirements — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Argentina has published General Resolution 4626/2019 of 5 November 2019, which repeals and replaces General Resolution No. 3077 and its amendments to simplify and harmonize the tax return and payment requirements of companies (sociedades), sole proprietorships, trusts, and others that have an accounting system allowing them to prepare balances in a commercial manner and those that prepare trade balances on the basis of accounting books.

The General Resolution provides that for all such taxpayers, the annual tax return (sworn declaration form F. 713) must be generated using the corresponding application program available on the website of this AFIP ( This includes the application Ganancias Personas Jurídicas - Versión 16.0 or the application Ganancias Sociedades – Versión 6.0. The return must then be submitted electronically, also via the AFIP website. Returns may also be submitted via approved entities, which are listed on the AFIP website ( The report containing the financial statements and auditors report must be submitted with the return in PDF format. Once the submission is completed, a receipt will be issued by the system.

The General Resolution also provides that the tax due based on the return, and any other interest, fines, or other payment due for the period must be made through electronic transfer of funds as provided by General Resolution No. 1778/2004 or through the "AFIP Electronic Wallet" (Billetera Electrónica AFIP) as provided by General Resolution No. 4335/2018. The return and payment are due in the fifth month following the end year, with the exact deadlines set annually by the AFIP depending on the tax ID number of the taxpayer.

General Resolution 4626/2019 entered into force on 7 November 2019.