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Argentina Extends Deadline for One-Off Wealth Tax for COVID-19 — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Argentina has published General Resolution 4954/2021 of 26 March 2021, which extends the deadline for the one-off wealth tax introduced by the Law for the Solidarity and Extraordinary Contribution to Help Mitigate the Effects of the (COVID-19) Pandemic (Law 27605 of 18 December 2020). The tax is generally payable by individuals and undivided estates with assets valued at greater than ARS 200 million as on 18 December 2020, including worldwide assets of Argentine residents and assets in Argentina of non-residents. As per General Resolution 4930/2021 of 5 February 2021, which established the procedures for determining and paying the one-off wealth tax, taxpayers subject to the one-off wealth tax were required to submit a sworn statement (return) and pay the tax due by 30 March 2021. With General Resolution 4954/2021, this deadline is extended to 16 April 2021.