Orbitax is committed to providing high value, low cost tax research, management & planning solutions.

Our vision is to deliver the extensive international tax practice experience of Orbitax team members and partners through easy to use software. We recognize that international tax work is complex, and must be done by trained professionals.

Our tools are designed to help expert users by reducing time/effort on repetitive, routine tasks, carry out exhaustive research, use templates of tried and tested tax strategies and explore scenarios, enabling large productivity gains.

Orbitax introduces users to each product category through online tools accessible through tax content portals traditionally used by tax professionals. Orbitax also develops ancillary tools to help users derive better value from the tax content and software they already own.

Meet the Team

Don Chung, Esq.

Co-founder, Chairman

Don Chung, Esq.

Don is a classic Silicon Valley entrepreneur who strives to innovate tax products. He believes that international tax is a very complex yet creative and enjoyable field and deserves better technology.

Prior to co-founding Orbitax, Don was the International Tax Partner in Charge of KPMG's Intangible Holding Company practice. Don has worked with a diverse range of multinational companies on tax efficient ways of setting up and maintaining their offshore operations. Don is a tax attorney and holds an LLM in taxation from Georgetown University.

Gratian Joseph, CPA

Co-founder, CEO

Gratian Joseph, CPA

With his unparalleled creativity and flawless execution style, Gratian brings innovation to tax products.

Prior to co-founding Orbitax, Gratian was the International Tax Partner in Charge of KPMG's Silicon Valley office. Gratian has advised numerous high technology companies on tax efficient ways of structuring their offshore operations. Gratian is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master in Taxation from the University of Illinois.

Dali Bouzoraa, Esq.

President of Orbitax Research Center

Dali Bouzoraa, Esq.

Prior to joining Oribtax, Dali worked with IBFD in a variety of positions including as a Researcher, Head of most regional tax teams, Head of Client Research and Government Consulting, Director of Research, Technical Director and member of the Management Team. In those various positions, Dali was instrumental to the development and maintenance of IBFD content and represented the organization in international fora. He was the managing editor of various IBFD regional guides, the founding editor of the guides on Holding Companies and Investment Funds, and sat on the editorial boards of the journals European Taxation and Derivatives and Financial Instruments. He also led numerous research and consulting projects, including comprehensive tax reform projects, for the benefit of governments, international organizations and the private sector.

Dali's current and past membership includes IFA, the Taxation Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce, the corporate tax group of the Dutch Federation of Industry, and the Board of the Brazilian Tax Law (and national IFA) Association. He is an invited lecturer at various universities, published numerous articles and is a frequent speaker on international tax issues. Dali holds inter alia, a post graduate degree (summa cum laude) in international law and international economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Jonathan Lysenko, Esq.

President of Orbitax Tax Quantification and Planning Division

Jonathan Lysenko, Esq.

Jonathan is responsible for Orbitax's Foreign Source Income Calculation Division (International Tax Provision & Planning). Jonathan spent the first 10 years of his career with PwC and E&Y in NY as an international tax advisor; for the last 10 years Jonathan has worked with Thomson Reuters and Orbitax to develop and implement international tax software. Jonathan oversees a service team whose mission is to exceed client expectations in implementing Orbitax solutions.

Hasan Shahriar Masud

Chief Technology Officer

Hasan Shahriar Masud

Masud combines domain knowledge from our domain experts with cutting edge technologies and provides the ultimate solution to everyone who needs to do anything with international tax. He holds a Masters in Scientific Computing from the University of Pune, India.

Tammy MacLean

Global Vice President of Client Services

Tammy MacLean

Tammy works directly with clients worldwide to help them find relevant solutions to their tax needs. As the former Account manager for the Americas at IBFD where she managed their US operations for over 12 years, Tammy has gained trust and respect from clients all over the globe as she continues to provide stellar service and product training to our clients and sales partners. Tammy also works closely with our business partners to nurture new relationships and promote Orbitax around the world.

Carol Chamberlin, CPA

Managing Director, BEPS / Transfer Pricing Division

Carol Chamberlin, CPA

Carol is responsible for the Orbitax BEPS Transfer Pricing Solutions Division. For the last fifteen years, Carol has been involved in the operational aspects of formulating, implementing and defending transfer pricing policies globally for large multinational corporations.

In a previous role, Carol was a key member of an in-house Transfer Pricing and Tax Controversy team, responsible for the global implementation, maintenance and defense of the group’s transfer pricing and international tax structure. Taking the TP function one step further into practical application, she proactively developed audit readiness programs to support transfer pricing positions in anticipation of the onset of major audit cycles, managed transfer pricing audit responses to tax authorities in multiple jurisdictions including the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia – ensuring global consistency and adherence to transfer pricing policy, and managed intercompany agreements for over two hundred entities.

Our Partners.

Thomson Reuters

With 2004 revenues of $8.1 billion, Thomson is a global leader in providing integrated information solutions to business and professional customers. Thomson provides value-added information, software tools and applications to more than 20 million users in the fields of law, tax, accounting, financial services, higher education, reference information, corporate e-learning and assessment, scientific research and healthcare.


A part of Thomson Tax & Accounting, RIA is the premier provider of technology and information to tax professionals in accounting firms and corporations, providing industry-leading tax compliance software for even the most complex requirements and the most comprehensive and innovative tax research and information products available.

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