We offer a suite of solutions to integrate with your daily workflow including tax research, compliance, calculations, entity management and charting.

International Tax Research and Compliance Expert (ITRCE)

Orbitax International Tax Research and Compliance Expert (ITRCE) provides comprehensive analysis of tax regimes with embedded tools to put your research into action and is your one-stop shop for all your essential international tax research and compliance needs, including cross border tax rates, tax treaties, daily tax news updates, country analysis and world-wide tax compliance forms in English. It also provides powerful real-time translation of any foreign documents with automatic foreign exchange conversion for translating foreign financial statements.

International Tax Research Compliance Expert (PDF)

Orbitax Essential International Tax Solutions (Essentials)

In addition to research and compliance material, Orbitax Essential International Tax Solutions allows companies to create their entity charts (visual and table format) and perform worldwide tax planning and multiyear forecasting calculations.

Essential International Tax Solutions (PDF)

Orbitax Foreign Source Income Calculator (FSIC)

Orbitax Foreign Source Income Calculator allows users to automate the complex US outbound calculations that are required for their quarterly tax provision calculations including foreign tax credits, subpart F, foreign dividends and non-APB 23.

Foreign Source Income Calculator (PDF)

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