Puerto Rico Tax News

Puerto Rico Provides Brief Tax Return and Payment Extension
Apr 15, 2022
Puerto Rico Introduces Consolidated Monthly Return for Sales and Use Tax and Import Tax
Nov 04, 2021
Puerto Rico Corrects Administrative Determination Regarding Transfer Pricing Study Certification
Oct 19, 2021
U.S. Senators Mendez and Wicker Reintroduce Legislation Providing Tax Credit for Investments Made by U.S. Businesses in U.S. Territories
Aug 02, 2021
Puerto Rico Issues Determination on Relief from Disallowance of Deductions When Transfer Pricing Study is Prepared
May 18, 2021
Puerto Rico Provides Tax Return and Payment Extensions
Mar 26, 2021
Puerto Rico Clarifies Application of 4% SUT Exemption for B2B and Designated Professional Services
Jul 28, 2020
Puerto Rico Economic Relief Package for COVID-19 Signed into Law
Jun 18, 2020
Puerto Rico Provides Further Extension of Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Essential Goods Due to COVID-19
Jun 09, 2020
Puerto Rico Provides Extended Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Essential Goods Due to COVID-19
May 13, 2020
Puerto Rico Economic Relief Package for COVID-19
Apr 27, 2020
Puerto Rico COVID-19 Tax Measures
Mar 31, 2020
Puerto Rico Introduce New Transfer Pricing Study Submission Rules for Relief from 51% Deduction Disallowance Rule
Feb 06, 2020
U.S. to End Foreign Tax Credit for Puerto Rico Excise Tax
Sep 17, 2019
Puerto Rico Issues Requirements For special 7% Sales and Use Tax Rate for Prepared Foods
Aug 15, 2019
Puerto Rico Offers Tax Breaks for Investments in Special Zones
May 21, 2019
Puerto Rico Circular on Return for Withholding Tax on Services Rendered
Apr 26, 2019
Puerto Rico Tax Reform Bill Signed into Law
Dec 14, 2018
Puerto Rico Clarifies Additional 3-Month Extension for 2017 Tax Returns
Jul 19, 2018
Puerto Rico Provides Additional 3-Month Extension for 2017 Tax Returns and Penalty Relief
Apr 18, 2018
Puerto Rico Planning Reforms including Several Tax Cuts
Mar 26, 2018
New Fiscal Plan for Puerto Rico Published Including Sales and Use Tax Cuts
Jan 29, 2018
Informative Bulletin Published on Registration and Filing Requirements for Entities and Individuals Doing Business in Puerto Rico
Nov 01, 2017
Puerto Rico Introduces Biweekly Sales and Use Tax Payment Requirement
Aug 11, 2017
Puerto Rico Budget for 2018 Presented
Jun 05, 2017
U.S. Bill to Extend Puerto Rico Domestic Production Activities Deduction Permanently
Mar 23, 2017
Puerto Rico's Oversight Board Approves Revised Fiscal Plan
Mar 16, 2017
Puerto Rico Fiscal Plan includes Corporate Tax Reform
Mar 06, 2017
Puerto Rico Governor Veto of VAT Repeal Overridden
May 31, 2016
Puerto Rico's Legislative Assembly Passes Legislation to Repeal New VAT Regime
May 06, 2016
Puerto Rican Legislative Assembly Considering Blocking Switch to VAT
May 03, 2016
Puerto Rico Issues Administrative Determination on Transition from SUT to VAT
Apr 26, 2016
Puerto Rico Delays Implementation of VAT
Mar 10, 2016
Puerto Rico Issues VAT Implementation Plan
Jan 15, 2016
U.S Legislative Proposal to Address Puerto Rico’s Urgent Fiscal Situation
Oct 29, 2015
Puerto Rico Amends Legislation Imposing 4% SUT on B2B and Professional Services
Oct 05, 2015
Puerto Rico Repeals Remittance Tax
Sep 28, 2015
Puerto Rico Fiscal and Economic Growth Plan Published
Sep 14, 2015
Puerto Rican Consumption Tax Commission Recommends Moving Forward with VAT Implementation
Aug 21, 2015
Puerto Rico's Replacement of SUT with VAT Signed into Law
Jun 03, 2015
Puerto Rico Senate Approves Sales Tax Increase
May 26, 2015
Puerto Rican Government Reaches Tentative Agreement on Sales Tax
May 18, 2015
Puerto Rican House of Representatives Shoots Down VAT Plan
May 01, 2015
Puerto Rico's Proposed Corporate and Individual Income Tax Changes
Feb 27, 2015
Puerto Rico to Introduce 16% GST
Feb 18, 2015
Puerto Rico Tax Reform Plans
Feb 09, 2015
Alternative minimum tax for companies – regulated
Feb 01, 2014
Amendments to individual income tax
Nov 12, 2013
Amendments to alternative minimum tax for companies
Nov 12, 2013
Carry-forward period for net operating losses – extended
Nov 12, 2013
Non-deductible expenses
Nov 12, 2013
Tax amnesty – guidance issued
Jul 29, 2013
Tax Burden Redistribution and Adjustment Act – proposed
Jul 29, 2013
Transactions with foreign corporations reduce possessions tax credit
Dec 02, 2012
Tax incentives for film industry
Sep 03, 2012
Corporate income tax – amendments
Apr 27, 2011
Tax reform bill – submitted to Legislative Assembly
Jan 09, 2011